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 River Network Rules & Guidelines 

  • 1. Keep everything SFW. Avoid sexual conversations or topics and don’t talk about suicide or other harmful topics when talking. This includes building while in-game. 

  • 2. Advertising is strictly prohibited in any form. This includes DM advertising. Both will warrant an immediate ban, while the latter will be unappealable.

  • 3. Hate speech and discrimination based on gender, race, or sexuality is prohibited. This includes usage of slurs and baited slurs.

  • 4. This server follows Discord ToS, any violation of Discord’s rules will result in a punishment determined by the staff member. 

  • 5. Don’t ping staff or members unnecessarily, as everyone has their own lives and responsibilities to take care of. If a Staff Member is on leave, which will be shown in their nickname, pinging them will be punished with a mute unless they are in a conversation with you.

  • 6. Identity theft, alternate accounts, and slander is strictly forbidden and will warrant an immediate ban.

  • 7. While using a few lines of other languages isn’t punishable by itself, fully talking in other languages is prohibited as tht is server is English only.

  • 8. Chat filling, spamming, using caps, and swearing aren’t allowed and will be met with a mute.

  • 9. Bypassing Automod or using abbreviations such as “KYS” or others isn’t allowed under any circumstances.
  • 10. Use common sense. If something isn’t in the rules but should be, don’t do it. Report it to a Server Administrator so they can fix it.

  • 11. Don’t troll. This includes but isn’t limited to:

  • 12. Setting your home in Koth or /warp pvp. 

  • 12a Using stacked totems. 

  • 12b Bug exploiting or hacking. 

  • 12c Using VPNs. 

  • 12d Putting Curse of Binding pumpkins on others’ heads. 

  • 12e All of the above examples warrant a ban.

  • 13. Don’t scam others in-game or make promises you won’t keep.

  • 14. Combat Logging is not allowed and will result in a 3 day ban

  • 15 Using illegal clients such as Pojva Launcher and TLauncher is not allowed on this server and will result in a permanent ban as its classed as piracy by getting the game for free 

  • 16 Teaming is NOT!! allowed in /warp pvp and can result in a temp ban of 3 days